Whale Watching

Those who have witnessed it will testify that the whale watching season in Albany is a truly memorable experience. Guests at Maitraya often comment to us their excitement at watching the whales go by from the residence's living areas! Every year, from June to October, the rugged Southern Ocean comes alive with Humpback and Southern Right Whales as they embark on their migration. Albany has become famous as a whale watching destination. In 2007 visitors to Albany and the locals were awed by great numbers of Southern Right and Humpback Whales in and around Albany's sheltered coves. At Middleton Beach, locals slept to the sound of a deep exhalation as a mother and calf tuck in close to shore. With numerous viewing points and tours on offer, this is the perfect chance to encounter one of nature’s most graceful and misunderstood creatures. View the South West WA whale watching brochure
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